Why us

Because your honeymoon deserves the most delicate details and traveling expertise!

... Because your destination wedding should be unforgettable and you should enjoy it without stress!

As travel partners, we have developed the best service quality and knowledge about this cozy country, Costa Rica. We will guide you in selecting the best destinations according to your own personal taste. The best we know you, the best we can fulfill your needs...

As wedding partners, we will provide all the information, weddings and events planning experience advice and support needed to make your dreamed day come true!

The most important reason to hire a wedding coordinator is to avoid as much stress as possible. Besides been very emotional, weddings as well imply lot of details to take care of: checking vendors and deals, planning schedules, coordinating payments and much more... In addition, if you decide to travel out of your country, it is necessary as well to think about the logistics, not only for you, your family and closest friends, but as well for all the guests that decided to join you in this celebration and to have a local insight and guidance.

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Costa Rica Honeymoons has it all and more!

Our expertise in travel and events planning will make a hassle-free vacation for you as a couple and your guests, and as an extra value, we have already a list of local vendors, we will handle all the negotiations with hotels, take care of payment deadlines, schedules, details before and during your trip, and we will guide you through this process, becoming almost your best friends...

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Our services:
  • Expertise travel planning and arrangements, since you arrive to Costa Rica until your depart. You and your guests deserve the best!
  • First-class service, creativity and commitment with your trip or wedding.
  • We save you time! You have no longer to check hotels, vendors and options one by one, we centralize all the ground work. You just have to decide what you like the most!
  • Hassle-free and risk-free wedding, our logistics and planning expertise will be your support.
  • Reliable knowledge of our country for being Costa Ricans, we will be your eyes and hands in the country.
  • Assistance on every step of the process... We can send your digital invitations, personalized a web page to post any updates of your upcoming wedding, tailor your wedding registry and much more.
  • Reasonable and flexible fees to your needs.

Our team:

Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

Costa Rica guide

Wedding Planner

Andrea has been working in tourism different areas since 1997. During all these years, she has been part of different memories and smiles from guest in Costa Rica, as well she has been part of several events planning such us: university groups, a youth festival in 2004 with the Youth Ministry, weddings, birthdays trips and more...

As a tourism professional she has an encyclopedic knowledge of Costa Rica and can help you put together an ideal itinerary for a fabulous vacation. As language enthusiast, she speaks Spanish, English, a little bit of French and now she is trying to learn Chinese.

She is currently completing her B.A. in Business Administration. She spends her free time, traveling throughout Costa Rica and is dog lover. Her favorite sport is speed roller skating.

She is a romantic girl, who love to surprise her lover with details...

Email: andrea@costaricabtd.com

Wedding Planner

Experienced, creative & unique... Those are just few of the attributes this spiritual man has...

Fashion is an art, but for him it is a passion! And he has worked in different sales points for recognized haute couture brands like Adolfo Dominguez, Max Mara, Cortefiel and Woman Secret among others. He has worked at the forefront of massive advertising campaigns for different corporations in the country, where he has reaped great experience in events planning, besides his studies in executive production.

On his free time, he adores to travel in our beautiful country or around the world... But, tasting a fabulous gourmet meal, while chattering with his friends, can be as well a reward to end his day!

As part of the Costa Rica Honeymoons team, he brings fresh, fashion and magical ideas to your celebration... And his smile, friendliness and proactive attitude will make you feel comfortable, relax and ready to enjoy, as you deserve, this once in a lifetime day!

Email: manrique@costaricabtd.com

Costa Rica guide

Ana Lucia is one of the most efficient, jovial and knowledgeable freelance bilingual driver/guides in Costa Rica.

She has worked as a freelance guide since 1990. Providing private transportation services with unique service quality to you, since you arrive to Costa Rica, is the best welcoming and pamper you can have during your visit.

She loves photography and traveling and spending time with her mom, who is a lovely old lady, passionate for traveling as well...

Her favorite sport is biking and she adores haute cuisine and cooking.

Her guests always praise her commitment to safety, reliability and friendly disposition. " Ana Lucia was the best. She helped in many ways and I could not think of any other person, who could have done as well!", is one of the most common feebacks we receive from her...

Email: analucia@costaricabtd.com